Walkways That Add Charm to Your Home


Walkways that lead to your front door can add curb appeal to your property. They also add a very warm and welcoming look to the entrance of your house. There are numerous ways in which walkway designs can be planned. To a certain degree, this will depend on the landscape in the front yard and the design of the porch as well as the house as a whole.

Decorative Paving Systems is able to design and install concrete walkways as well as ones made with paver bricks. We are able to install the entire walkway for you or even add some detailing to the existing one. There are a variety of factors that come into play while designing walkways and the things that have to be considered are:

Walkways of Different Kinds

Walkways may be straight, curved or meandering. The straight designs have a very formal look and will lead directly from the driveway or sidewalk. These are economical and maintenance is easy and they are best suited for houses that are structured in a contemporary design. Curved walkways are more artistic and look very attractive outside homes that have cottage architecture or ones that are built on more traditional designs.

Most curved walkways will also have some landscaping features that complement their design. Shrubs, flowering plants, river pebbles and lighting are the decorative elements that are commonly used to enhance the look of a walkway. We will design the walkway based on the size of the house and the front yard that it sits in.

A Range Of Materials


Some walkways may be composed of loose materials like sand, gravel and fine granite. Poured concrete, stepping stones and pavers are other popular options. Most of these materials are very durable and will last for many years. If you have a slightly larger budget, opt for bluestone materials or travertine stone. If the house is made of brick, then brick pavers look very good too as they blend well with the design of the house. They have an earthy tone and add warmth to the entranceway area.

It is best to have a smooth surface for the main walkway as it will avoid any tripping accidents. These spaces should also be lighted well and the path can be lined with lamp posts or even some lighting in the shrubs will add a very good ambience to the space. Small lamp posts can be used to throw direct light on the path while the tall lamp posts can light up a wider area of the walkways.

Adding a Special Touch

Having a well-designed walkway leading up to your home is akin to having a well- planned and designed front yard. It lends an undeniable appeal and functionality that is very necessary. It also gives that much needed respite from expanses of grass and lawn and is much easier to maintain. Call Decorative Paving Systems at 214-343-9809 for the best walkways. We provide services to Dallas and the surrounding areas like University Park, Plano and Highland Park.