Pool Decks

A Variety of Pool Decks for Above Ground Pools

Pool Decks

In the grueling, hot summer months, there can be nothing more refreshing and enjoyable than splashing around in a swimming pool in your backyard. Many people prefer in-ground pools as they blend in very well with the landscaping. An above ground pool is a more economical option but it becomes somewhat like an eye-sore as it stands above the ground.

Clever Solutions

But excavating the entire yard can be an expensive affair and there are some very clever tricks that you can adopt to create the illusion of an above-ground pool being an in-ground one. If your yard has a certain slope, excavate the hilly portion and create a leveled out base for the pool. You can then make a platform at the higher level of the hill. It gives the appearance of an in-ground pool without all the hassle and expense.

About Pool Decks

Pool Decks

But not all yards have that kind of natural landscaping and this is when pool decks come to the rescue. You can install a deck right round the circumference of the pool. Decorative Paving Systems have the perfect pool decks solutions based on the kind of pool and yard you have. We make sure that the patio surface is aligned perfectly with the edge of the pool and that there are no gaps along the sides.

We design very clever options and customize the solution for you. Some designs have a side deck which will run along only one side of the pool. Creating stairs that lead up to the pool decks adds a third dimension to the entire area and makes it very a very decorative setting. We also make sure that the above ground pool has a suitable pool fence. This increases the safety of the pool area.

The Best Options

We have the best options in patio covers and can use brick or stone veneer based on the rest of the design. We create such perfect designs that the final product ends up looking like an in-ground pool and will not mar the look of the yard. We also provide pool covers that can be used to keep the pool area clean and free of leaves and dirt. Another effective method of making an above ground pool with pool decks look like an in ground one, is to plant fast growing shrubs and plants around the pool.

These should be of the same height as the walls of the pool or a little taller if possible. We are also able to create two-tiered pool decks. These can be segregated into dry and wet areas and add a very stylish look to the space. Stairs can connect these levels and they create ideal sunbathing spots that are a removed from the actual pool area.

Every solution that we provide will be based on your specific requirement and budget. Call Decorative Paving Systems at 214-343-9809 for the best pool decks. We provide services to Dallas and the surrounding areas like University Park, Plano and Highland Park.