Outdoor Living Irving, TX

Outdoor Living Irving, TX

If you are looking for a company that can dramatically improve your outdoors’ functionality, just call us at Decorative Paving Systems. With over a decade of experience in providing outstanding hardscapes, we have already proven ourselves to countless clients in the Metroplex area. We have in our portfolio some of the most stunning residential outdoor improvement projects in Irving, Plano, Dallas, and other major cities in the state. Contact us today and let us turn your dream outdoor living amenities into reality.

The Right Outdoor Living Features

At Decorative Paving Systems, we ensure that the various outdoor living amenities that we create meet our clients’ needs. Our designs are carefully planned so that the available outdoor space is properly utilized and all necessary features are included. For example, a small area may only accommodate a patio or a BBQ and grill while a large lawn can have a fully furnished outdoor kitchen, a gazebo, and a deck. We consider all these factors when making design proposals for our clients.

We have a creative team and professional installers who have already worked on some high profile projects in Irving and surrounding areas. Our craftsmanship and tried-and-proven techniques will help us create lasting masterpieces for your property. We can ensure that every outdoor living feature that we will build in your property is unique and will reflect your lifestyle and personality.

Our Recommended Outdoor Living Amenities

Outdoor Living Irving, TX

Texas’ climate is conducive for various outdoor activities. This is one of the reasons why most property owners want to equip their outdoors with amenities that will enhance their outdoor living experience. And we at Decorative Paving Systems know these very well. All of our creations are not only built with aesthetics in mind but also aim to improve the functionality of the outdoor space.

Some of our highly recommended outdoor living features include these great additions:

  • Outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen will not only make cooking more fun and exciting but will also allow great bonding moments with your loved ones. It is not surprising why this outdoor amenity is one of the most sought-after features of our clients from Irving, TX.

  • Patio. A patio is a common feature that you can see in most homes in the state. And if you hire us, we will make sure that you'll have a patio that is stunning and functional. Amenities such as outdoor chairs and tables, entertainment facilities, fire features, and other add-ons are usually included to give you the best spot for relaxation.

  • Outdoor Living Irving, TX Pergola and gazebo. These shade structures are perfect if you have a large outdoor space. However, they must be designed and built by professionals since they are mainly built using wood materials. Accordingly, we only use premium materials to ensure they will last for decades.

  • Outdoor fireplace and fire pit. Installing a fire pit or fireplace in your landscape is a great way of providing enough illumination and warmth while you’re relaxing outdoors on a cold night. We guarantee you that these add-ons will become focal areas in your property, hence making it more inviting.

Texas’ Outdoor Living Specialists

An outdoor improvement project should only be handled by experts, since inexperienced contractors can only give you amenities that are not suited to your needs and lifestyle. With Decorative Paving Systems, rest assured that you will get exceptional outdoor living features at a price that you can afford. Call us at (214) 343-9809.